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January 2020

a traditional third rail of the country's politics. To put this in context, this akin to the NRA saying its supports some background checks or gun restrictions.
of being part of an Illuminati conspiracy to overthrow the government after a trial many suspect was politically motivated.
Because he was associated with the company, Hideaki Anno speaks out about Gainax's poor business practices.
line - thereby admitting the abuse of power, and
to encourage people to purchase dogs from reputable breeders. The aim is to stop people getting pets from illicit puppy farms, which often sell dogs that have major health problems in later life.
. Because forcing Catholic priests to violate the secrecy of the confessional would force them to commit a mortal sin and face excommunication.
the ERA, reaching the 38-state threshold needed to amend the Constitution decades after Phyllis Schlafly killed it the first time around. Sadly, opposition against it is coming back, and the Office of Legal Counsel says that the deadline to ratify the ERA has long expired.
has been made against as leader and as deputy, rather than having an open vote.
Also the newsroom at the Times has grown to over 1700 employees, its highest ever.
, has commented on the recent . Bangladesh, and be successful. This is seen by many as a sharp but underhand criticism of the proposed new law.
17This issue affects the United States. This issue affects Iran. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he of an imminent attack planned by Soleimani, but "believes" there would have been one.
to promote the QAnon conspiracy.
Police now claim the document was recalled.
and are reporting that that human error resulted in the shooting down of by Iran. This is also being confirmed by Javad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran, in a .
shows that Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 may have been shot down by Iran on accident.
. Iranian state TV have claimed that this was in response to the death of Qasem Soleimani.
, known locally as Pierwsze kuszenie Chrystusa, be removed from Netflix in Poland,
Non-paywall link .
his tweets are sufficient notification to Congress for attacking Iran, in direct violation of the .
in more than a decade as the U.S.-China trade war kept a lid on factory output, orders, and employment
Mourners for Soleimani . We all know
recreational weed.
over BBC News failure, in his words, "to broadcast investigations between Brexit, Russia and the far-right".
, after a man was sacked from organisation the .
show how helped get into the United states, resulting in the , and then worked to undercut the Carter administration's efforts to free the hostages, sinking his reelection, and causing the election of Reagan.
. Expect the war in Iran to truly begin.