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This is actually the second version of RationalWiki. The first version was a private wiki, viewable only to members. This version was started on May 22, 2007. On July 26, 2008 the main page under went its largest change and WIGO clogosphere, WIGO blogosphere, and WIGO world were created.

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New articles[edit]

These former suggestions have been recently created and may still need plenty of work.
179 Libertarian burn-out businessman who is running for President at the same time that he is under scrutiny for maybe committing several crimes. He is the founder of McAfee, Inc. (now Intel Security) and was a potential 2016 Libertarian Party candidate and plans to run again in 2020. He has come out against the TSA and government surveillance, but He also appears to be seems prone to pop-psychology. He has also never been convicted of rape or murder, but not in the same way that you or I have never been convicted of rape or murder.
54 is a far-right conservative activist, media personality, and modern day Uncle Tom. He currently runs the TheFallenState channel on YouTube where he invites different guests to express his pro-white and anti-feminist views toward. To many people, Peterson is ofen called "Uncle Ruckus”. On his radio show, JLP Talk, he thanked God and the white people for enslaving black people and has stated that blacks were better off under Jim Crow laws. Peterson also dislikes feminism and believe women shouldn't even be allowed to vote.
169 or how a moderate Republican got suckered into peddling the Iraq War.
265America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty, by Marty Klein. It's about the desperate efforts of the American Right to stop any form of sexual activity except vaginal intercourse between married couples in the missionary position with clothes on, the lights off and no birth control from taking place.
31 a sixteen-year-old climate change activist from and even addressed the . There have been rumors circulating that her family has a background in , appeared on the cover of magazine with the caption "Everyone sells their soul to the devil sometime". Her grandmother, , also starred in the 1964 black and white film, which was the first to feature gay teen rape and , a famous Swedish chemist, physicist, and eugenicist, who was the discoverer of the greenhouse effect.
101 a populist, anti-immigrant party in New Zealand, currently part of the government coalition with the Labour Party. With the focus on racism and anti-immigrant feeling after the Christchurch terrorist attacks, an article would be timely. Plus they're actually in government.
18 Surprised that there isn't one on CARM and the infamous Matt Slick, CARM is basically a slightly less popular version of Answers in Genesis.
24: Much like aspartame, it seems to be a magnet in the diet woo community.
13 - an urban legend spread by anti-abortion campaigners that Soviet/communist athletes deliberately got themselves pregnant and then had abortions for the increase in testosterone and other hormones that pregnancy gives. The Wikipedia article debunks the rumors (which were sourced to someone pretending to be a Russian athlete) but doesn't mention how they've been used by anti-abortion campaigners.
14: conflicts in the 1990s in southeast Europe that saw mass murder, rape as a military tactic, and attempts at genocide, and popularised the term is also missional. Subject of extended war-crimes trials, and the aftermath of incidents like the is still playing out in western European courts and politics. Also played an important role in international law/diplomacy in defining the proper use of military force, influencing later military interventions. The role of ethnic and inter-religious tensions and pseudohistorical narratives in the conflict is also missional (Muslim Bosnians vs Orthodox Serbs vs Catholic Croats, with the Serbs particularly fond of demonising their enemies).

Most wanted articles[edit]

These suggestions have scored 150 or more. We would love you to write something on-mission for them! See RationalWiki:Most upvoted to do entries for a list sorted by upvotes.
309Metabunk.orgEdit draft, a site dedicated to refuting conspiracy theories, which, unsurprisingly leads to accusations of being a shill. Countless Youtube videos have whistleblowers "exposing" Metabunk.
– title flexible, obviously – is desperately needed. There are tons of major incidents that have received widespread coverage (Michael Brown and Eric Garner being probably the most prominent) that all follow the same pattern: cop shoots and kills black person in circumstances that didn't warrant violent action, then gets away with it. Cover the incidents, cover the statistics, cover right-wing media distortions of the incidents, cover protests, cover riots and maybe even online responses (#BlackLivesMatter).
the societal mindset in the US promotes the superiority of Christianity and by extension Christians, be they social or institutionalized norms. (Think of the phrase "It's the Christian thing to do.") Note: we already have an article on the United States as a Christian nation.
and the [1] A draft has been created at Devin Patrick Kelley.
Currently just a section in Of course, including the Clintons and Trump. He deserves an article after his recent suicide while under suicide watch. His According to forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden who witnessed the autopsy, Epstein's wounds were concurrent with murder by strangulation rather than suicide.
While it's obvious propaganda, I don't personally have the full historical knowledge to give it a proper RWing. [EDIT] Start of a timeline-critique draft here: Draft:Hellstorm
- Whether as a separate article or as a sub-section in the article about gun control. It's commonly asserted that the Nazis took away everybody's guns and thus were able to begin committing genocide because they were disarmed. This flies in the face of that fact that the Nazis actually relaxed Germany's gun laws (albeit not for the Jews) after the populace were disarmed by allies after World War 1. A draft has been created at Draft:Gun control in Nazi Germany.
or spinning disk, various things involving gyroscopes, manipulating a hypothetical fifth force, historical devices, etc. See the .
While this is partially covered in the article on rape apology, it could use its own article, since it's the favourite canard of the "men's rights" movement and it seems to creep into any serious discussion about rape. A draft has been created here.
have been described as " The patent names include "", "", "", and the one that initially caught my eye: US10144532B2 "". A patent prosecuted by a navy attorney, defended by a Navy CTO, and pushed through in an unusual way. There is a comment by a patent lawyer discussing the unusual nature of this . There is some good analysis in it, and the comments after could explain all those UFO sightings as military craft tests.
"It is a well-known facet of quantum field theory that everything can be described in quantum mechanical terms. The complex interactions between a physical system and its surroundings (environment), disrupt the quantum mechanical nature of a system and render it classical under ordinary observation. This process is known as . However, it is argued that we can retard (delay) decoherence (and possibly even suppress it – namely decouple a physical system from the environment) by accelerated spin and/or accelerated vibration of electrically charged matter under rapid acceleration transients. This may be the very condition to achieve a state of macroscopic quantum coherence, the idea being that we never let the system achieve thermodynamic equilibrium, by constantly delaying the onset of relaxation to equilibrium (hence the production of maximal entropy is delayed). The system may ‘violently’ react by generating ‘anomalous’ emergent phenomena, such as, but not limited to, inertial mass reduction." Implementations of these patents are possibly what was pictured in the UFO videos released by . He recently released yet another controversial patent, this one titled "" would be small enough to fit inside of a vehicle and produce energy on the gigawatt to terawatt scale.
is a book with a surprisingly large following considering how absolutely nuts it is. It details an insane conspiracy theory where (if I'm remembering correctly) a cancer researcher was using a linear accelerator at the CIA's request to try and create a virus to inflict cancer (in order to kill Fidel Castro) and accidentally created AIDS as a result and that's why she was murdered.
183Eric P. DollardCreate draft, an electrical engineer and inventor who claims to be continuing the works of Tesla and focusing on earthquake prediction[2][3] and what appears to be free energy.[4][5] His lab is mentioned on Wikipedia[6] as well as Powerpedia[7] and John Chappell's Natural Philosophy Society wiki.[8] He has had several successful Indiegogo campaigns.[9][10][11][12][13][14] He also has his own website,[15] and there even is an entire forum dedicated to his work.[16]
181AATIP - that basically searched for UFOs in early 2010s, cost 20 million, found nothing and was strongly backed by until his resignation. On September 18, 2019 the
is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate currently mentioned merely in small sections on the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination and basic income pages. We definitely need a separate article on Yang, considering his rising popularity, how much of his campaign and policies he claims are based on math and science, and the unfortunate alt-right support he's gotten despite being a progressive. A draft can be found at Draft:Andrew Yang.
a declassified 1950's has led some to doubt their authenticity with claims that they were likely fabricated recently and "declassified" to when it was the predecessor to the project (which topped out around ~35mph) has also brought skepticism to their validity. The project was also named "1794", presumably after the 1794 silver dollar which became famous in 2010 when it broke the world record after being sold for nearly $8 million (the disc-shaped craft was silver and may have resembled the coin).
(National Economic Security and Recovery Act), a economic reform proposal that later was appropriated as a conspiracy theory/scam by victims of the scam as the "National Economic Security and Reformation Act". (.) We can also comment on the "feasibility" of the actual idea.
have just recently been directly , confirming an old postulate of Einstein's. May not be worthy of a separate article rather a subsection of the main Gravity article. What is really interesting to me here is the (hopefully impending) response by biblically motivated science deniers like Conservapedia to spin this into a narrative of "...and now let me tell y'all how this negates general relativity, physicists ideas for the origin of the universe and probably the whole scientific method altogether."
dearie. Associated with psychedelic drugs and ended with the law being overturned by the of 1970 we have to this day.
), the guy so racist even and such an asshole even . He comes out with such as "National socialism kills people not because it is nationalist, but because it is socialist" and calls white nationalism "moderate leftism". And he has . And he's an anarcho-capitalist. And he is also self admitted pedophile, rapist, rape and pedophilia apologist, admirer of ISIS and Boko Haram (for their solution of the "women question") . I don't think I've ever seen a non-asshole word from him, though I will credit him with enough sense to .
linking the founding fathers to every conspiracy theory imaginable.
should have a whole host of conspiracy theories since it was responsible for the development of the internet, , autonomous robots like , etc.
it is mentioned on RW under Alternative Medicine Education and listed as a "Medical Cult" in Martin Gardner's Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science alongside iridodiagnosis and zone therapy, but we have no page explaining what the technique entails.
is a popular Netflix documentary series outlining the case of and his nephew . The pair were charged with the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, but there have been several inconsistencies in the investigation that hint at serious corruption within the Sheriff's Department. Avery had previously served 18 years for a wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985 and was to be compensated $36 million before these new charges arose.
, we have NSA, but we need to do the other side of the pond's equally spy-y institution. Or they could be merged into one article.
Members of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation began protesting the construction of the pipeline in April, and were soon joined by indigenous communities all over North America. The peaceful protests are being suppressed by force, and given scant coverage by mainstream media. (Since this suggestion was written, a stub article on the Dakota Access Pipeline was created; perhaps the two can be merged.)
( Also more legitimate complaints about it messing with weather forecasting radar and the whole Huawei controversy. With 5G actually coming into service in various countries, this is going to get more and more important.
and the who massacred nine African American people at a church in 2015. He has been pictured wearing the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa, as well as the Confederate flag. In 2017, he became the first person in the US to be sentenced to death for federal hate crimes.


These are the most recent ideas for new articles. Remove if downvoted to death. Note: We have a huge archive of hundreds of article requests dating back to 2009 (archive 5, archive 4, archive 3, and archive 2) that also deserve consideration.
No, not
. Site has tons of , , , ect...
is Fascist , discussed drama over him pertaining to the 40k Lore subreddit , among other wingnutty takes (e.g. gender pronouns, Christchurch shooting, and Project Veritas)
6Category:Memes - Since memes have their own page, and a number of them have their own articles (e.g. Pepe, Clown World, Triple Parentheses, It's Okay to Be White, Soy boy, Chuck Norris, Ted Stevens, Sheeple, Polandball, 4chan), I don't know why the dank maymays have their own category?
a documentary about athletes with plant based diets, which alleged that animal agriculture was a leading cause of deforestation and carbon emissions, along with criticizing gender roles perpetuated by fast food commercials . The movie has even been accused of promoting misinformation and pseudoscience, among other things .
. "Ghost" has also had numerous podcasts since 2008, usually spanning hundreds of episodes, each having a runtime of around two hours . Basically, "Ghost" is a wingnut, and a pretty nutty one at that . Ghost has even gone on quite a few ableist rants , and went as far to tell fans of anime to commit suicide .
, retracted criticism against PewDiePie and the "DEATH TO ALL JEWS" incident, and even referred to fat acceptance as a "plague".
has always been a staunch critic of what he perceives to be shady business practices within the video games industry, especially AAA publishers in recent years. Jim is also critical of Capitalism in general.
and the conspiracy theories that have been spreading like wildfire in response to it. There are claims that environmentalists deliberately started the fires to build High Speed Rail lines, that it's part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy to kill everybody, that 200 people were arrested for arson that on further inspection is only 24 and with no evidence they had any political motive for doing so, and a bunch of other wacky theories.
: there are a lot of articles recently claiming that a four day week in the workplace greatly increases productivity, as well as benefiting workers and the environment. However, evidence is limited to a few, frequently-cited studies whose methodology is unclear, and a lot of claims seem exaggerated. There have been a few studies that seemed to find benefits (including fewer pointless meetings, less absenteeism) but the In some cases cited (e.g. Utah cited on Wikipedia) workers still did the same number of hours, just over fewer but longer days, while others suggest workers doing fewer hours can accomplish more. There have been a lot of claims about political parties planning to make it mandatory. Labour at the 2019 UK general election allegedly planned it, but in fact their research found that a hard cap on hours wouldn't work. Finland was reported to have been planning a four day week, possibly even with 6 hour days, but this turned out to be fake news. So is there anything to it, what are the pros and cons, and is it all wishful thinking?
is a well known charlatan and pseudoscience promoter from Australia. She claimed, that she managed to cure her multiple cancers with specific alternate medicine and a diet which was described in her mobile app, The Whole Pantry, aswell as in its' companion cookbook, both of which gave Gibson around $1 milion of profit. Further media investigation revealed however, that her claims were false and all evidence was fabricated, while research shown that there was no proof for effectiveness of her methods. She also constantly lied about her lifestyle and donating income from sales to charity. Gibson ultimately admitted to lying in an April 2015 interview.
11Real Life Villains WikiCreate draft is a wikia that categorizes real world villains and displays their crimes. While it obviously shows your standard dictators, cult leaders, and religious centric jerkassess like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Jerry Falwell the wikia does display some questionable merit. The wiki is very biased towards American imperialism and holds a US centric worldview, there are articles on people for very petty reasons such as user being slightly mean on Deviantart and such, and war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Vladimir Putin are displayed as "Grey Zone" villains. The worst bias is the disallowed articles which consists of American and pro-American war criminals such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Woodrow Wilson and Hillary Clinton. It also stated that if you make an article on any of these people you will be banned immediately. Another blatant bias they possess is their constant need to create articles for mythological characters; primarily characters from the Bible. This completely violates their number eight rule: NO Articles on People Who are Too Fictitious.
). It alleges to "explain" the dairy industry. It's filled with gross exaggerations, misrepresentations, outright falsehoods, and occasional grains of truth about how dairy cattle are treated.
Former . Steiner was arrested as a war criminal but released for lack of evidence, he is missional for his post-war writings of Nazi apologia (all of which are only in German).
or how Conservative fundie Brazillians decided to boycott a comedic Christmas movie with & .
20LGB Alliance, a new astroturf transphobic organisation that has gained support in the UK. Actual LGBT people don't seem to like it. A draft has been created at this page.
is an odd one that can absorb 800~900x its volume in hydrogen. or even be useful for would be fine, but that's currently a redirect to Category:Elements.
which is not only relevant to a site devoted to irrationality and its depiction in the media, but a search of RW shows there are a lot of articles here discussing particular April Fools' pranks, such as Ann Coulter, Milton Kleim, Reddit, Monkey typewriter theory, Mandela effect, and more.
formerly Jamie Shupe, one of the first people to legally identify as non-binary in the US before detransitioning back to male. Nowadays, he is rabidly and-trans on social media.
- A campaign started by Youtuber MrBeast to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees. It's in need of a reality check, as many people don't realise the fact that this would add a whooping 0.0006% to the world's current tree population while we're still cutting down 15 billion each year.
detailing that the feds have been lying us for the past 18 years, maybe an article on them is appropriate?
is a former Dutch that sided with the Nazi's.
and/or/combined with When these have entered mainstream conservative thought in America, you know something's up.
a.k.a. "Jesus rifles" were guns sold by Trijicon with secret bible verses hidden on the scopes. The US Army and Marines were among the purchasers. They'd been doing this since 1981, and it wasn't discovered until 2010 which led to serious questions concerning separation of church and state.
both the general idea and the A&E . Tricking someone into treatment under threat of excommunication doesn't sound like the healthiest or most effective route.
also styled #WalkAway, is a social media campaign that launched ahead of the 2018 mid-term elections by self-described former liberal Brandon Straka, a hairstylist and actor from New York City, in a video released 29th June 2018 entitled #WalkAway - Brandon Straka, "Why I Left The Democrat Party". The campaign's stated goal is to "encourage others to walk away from the "divisive" left, but also take back the narrative from the "liberal" media about what it means to be a conservative in America."
16Elijah SchafferCreate draft, also known as Slightly Offensive, is an alt-right YouTuber whose entire gimmick is to generalize the left by mocking the far-left. His channel is populated mainly with videos of him asking politically charged questions to people he meets on the street — sometimes until one of them attacks his film crew. He titles his videos somewhat less introspectively: “PUNCHED by ANTIFA” and “Exposing the Sluts,” for example.
a 1989 book by Canadian about the alleged mistreatment and deliberate mass murder of German prisoners of war by Allied authorities in general and Dwight D. Eisenhower in particular. The book has been mostly condemned as completely baseless, but it still influences some revisionist circles.
is the pseudonym of a politically conservative street artist active based out in Los Angeles, California. He's been active in street art since 1999, though he began to take his activity in the scene more seriously around 2008. Sabo's works have been critical of left-wing politics (and its prominence in the entertainment industry) and the Democratic Party, claiming that "leftism is a mental disorder".
involving a 7-year old trans girl in Texas named Luna, who's father was just awarded joint custody of.[18]
19Daniel Di MartinoCreate draft is a Venezuelan-American student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Because he experienced the terrible consequences of socialism firsthand in Venezuela, he's become a conservative and libertarian voice against what he perceives as the rise of socialism in America.
-- there are over 200,000 miles of these criss-crossing North America, some of which have attracted protests. On the one hand, people hate Big Oil™ and a big leak could be disastrous; on the other hand, petroleum pipelines are generally safer than transport by oil tanker.
46CantelmoismCreate draft, what appears to be a (dead) "Reddit cult"[19]
a Youtube comedian and "emotional healing" coach known for parodying new age hippies while also appearing to peddle pseudoscience, including veiled attacks on vaccines and the American Heart Association[20][21][22].
is an American politician who has recently become a subject of controversy after her ex-husband leaked revenge porn of her.[23]
used to detect sexual arousal and in the diagnosis of pedophilia and (formerly) homosexuality. It's mentioned in Pseudopsychology but without a proper explanation of the history, nefarious uses, and whether it has any validity at all.
is a 2018 American drama film based on real-life events about Kermit Gosnell, a physician and abortion provider. It was directed by Nick Searcy and stars former Superman actor Dean Cain. The film was largely criticized for its obvious anti-abortion stance, sensationalistic and sanctimonious storytelling, and comparison of Gosnell to that of George Tiller.
otherwise known as According to their Wikipedia page they once gave a DeLorean car to pedophile politician Cyril Smith, but I'm sure there's nothing dodgy about that.
after whom the Windrush generation are named, a racist UK policy under the present Conservative government involving deportation and other denial of rights to people of African-Caribbean heritage.
, contains pole shift and flood myth/Bible/angels nonsense, as well as some quackery about antigravity and evolution.
a Norwegian right-wing/alt-right author who pushes borderline if not outright racist/islamophobic/anti-western conspiracy theories. Also collaberates with Milo Yiannopoulos from time to time. Also has a Youtube channel[24].
domain registrar of choice to the far right, although it recently dropped 8chan. Some explanation in layperson's terms about what it does and who it hosts.
is an Australian megachurch famous for its hipster vibe, multi-platinum house band, and connections to celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chris Pratt, and Kevin Durant. But behind the flashing lights and thick-rimmed glasses is an ultra-conservative church with a dark past.
is a campaign, similar to Gamergate, in opposition to perceived "forced diversity" and progressivism in the content of North American superhero comic books and the kinds of creators who work in the industry. The movement has been described as part of the alt-right movement, and as a harassment campaign, which targets women, people of color, and LGBT individuals in the comic book industry.
is an entertainment and political journalist known for his explainer videos on The Young Turks that provide detailed analysis on the top news stories of the day.[25]
a Canadian-born US-based ob/gyn who debunks vaginal woo such as Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop and vagina steaming. Has a bestselling book and TV show.
(and ) people take them when they're sick, but how much does it really help? Currently has a section in Vitamin and mineral supplements, but if Vitamin D has its own article then Vitamin C definitely deserves one.
the latest bogeyman of the anti-SJW crowd. Won't anyone think of the bigots who are facing consequences for the bullshit they spew?
22TheQuarteringEdit draft is a very popular Anti SJW youtuber. The fact that there is no article on this motherfucker and his multicolored beard is offensive. A draft has been created.
controversial She's also blamed by some for the Scottish Government suspending plans to liberalise rules on gender identity (but I can't find a cite beyond forum posts). But apparently a hero to
and its (Conservative Political Action Conference), frequently mentioned in articles but never handled directly. Its leader made the bizarre claim that .
14Austen "Fleccas" Fletcher is the host of the YouTube show Fleccas TalksCreate draft featuring interviews at protest rallies from across the political spectrum including conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. His main theme, however, is making anti-Trump protesters look like politically clueless idiots.
French television personalities who authored several nonsensical physics/mathematics/quantum woo articles and papers in notable publications in the early 2000's and caused a minor shitstorm in the academia (the similarities to Alan Sokal are obvious)
Finnish blogger and since 2017 the chairman of the far-right Finns Party, has a cult-like following among the Finnish far right (seriously, he is known as The Master among them)
a failed California candidate for the House of Representatives who sparked controversy recently over an ad her campaign comparing AOC to the Khmer Rouge[26].
Leader of the People's Party of Canada and (quite arguably) Canada's answer to Trump.
who's mentioned in This Reddit thread title sums it up. And here's an article by actual Randians about him.
aka evidence by citation, where frequent citation elevates a lie or error into the the truth. Something similar is mentioned with respect to Wikipedia at Wikipedia#Circular_reporting, but the Woozle effect is also common in academia where lazy citation of papers can lead to the repetition of untruths.
: As there has been a lot of misinformation about this in the media recently, it seems fitting.
. He's also a conspiracy Theorist that believes Hollywood is being controlled by & . He also posts video game vids on his channel and has some playlists on his youtube .
in general. From Woo fads like ' vs it seems like there is a lot of ground to cover. If there are any other evidence based educators on here I think we could make a good go of it!
10HedgewikEdit draft needs a article, if you don’t know, he is a rising star in the Nazi comic world whose art is as good as a preschooler.
22I'm thinking an article on reframingCreate draft Part of the paradox of tolerance, but deliberately invoked by the bigoted. Like how Christians oppress LGBT people, then turn it around as them being oppressed when we ask them to stop.
is an anarcho-primitivst in the same vein as , which at the very least dismisses the idea of transsexuality, believing that gender is a strictly social construct with no biological basis. Apparently there have been concerns (including from Zerzan?) that it's become a personality cult.
17PSA SitchCreate draft An anti-SJW YouTuber who recently cracked 100k subscribers. He actually makes some points that deserve response unlike most anti-SJWs who are just in it to troll and mock leftists.
which is sections on Tolerance on Bigotry, but probably could use its own article.
He is becoming one of the leading figures in the UK in the war against trans rights, cited in mainstream media and writing on dubious TERF blogs like Transgender Trend.
maybe? Or maybe about the larger case, not necessarily with his name on it. Or at least a section in an existing article. The case says quite a lot about rape culture and privilege, so it would seem to be on mission.
Democratic Presidential candidates have talked about getting rid of it. There also seems to be a lot of confusion on what the filibuster actually is, and when there is confusion deceitful malcontents will be there.
a British magician and psychic researcher in the early 20th century who debunked several mediums and hauntings, although he still preserved some belief in the possibility of psychic phenomena. He is mentioned in various articles here (e.g. into the legendary "most haunted house in England."
is a politician from Virginia, who has been arrested for threatening the president, supports repealing women's right to vote, is most likely a pedophile, and is an anarcho capitalist, how does he not have a page?
? There seems to be a fair bit of material to rake her over the coals with, especially her recent epic fail at the G20 summit, trying to hobnob with world leaders who looked like, "WTF is she doing here?"
. Sounds like bullshit, but there's very little legitimate information about it, and mostly brings up supportive clogs.
But the woo health press is all over them. (I posted something in clogs before they got mainstream press in the UK.) The generic term for this kind of business is a
a politician and an unrepentant white supremacist who was responsible for making the law that labels undocumented immigrants as criminals.
A page to show the political parties of the world and whether pages have been made on them or not.
It would be nice to have a list of religions and their denominations, especially since it would make ot easy to find which of them haven't had pages written about them yet.
- the current page is a redirect to That should be enough to earn something more than a redirect or dicdef. Note that "woke" is also used by the conspiracy theory crowd to refer to themselves.
, sponsor of the anti-LGBT conference Make America Straight Again, whose membership includes noted hate speech maniac Steven Anderson.
a news commentator and YouTuber who basically goes over current events with a rather centrist tone. There are times, despite meaning well in his commentary, that he can be a useful idiot due to his tendency to attract reactionaries to his fanbase on account of his apologism for right-wingers at times and also adding onto the hysteria on how NYT was supposedly "labeling him far-right" because he popped up in a background of various YouTubers in an article of a young adult who was radicalized by YouTubers.
and similar topics. The alt-right and similar groups are fond of complaining about "ghost banning", "shadow banning", etc, where they're supposedly denied access to different social media sites by stealth, or their posts are mysteriously deprioritized or hidden. An overview of what this means, whether this is actually possible on different sites, etc, would be useful. Wikipedia mentions a conspiracy theory about Twitter shadow banning Republicans.
are the elusive of the Wild West. They are often said to be a tall tale, although is actually quite common among rabbits and may provide an explanation other than taxidermy.
an indie platformer that has seen its fair share of controversies from Jontron to Trans Flags.
Nazi who opposed Hitler, had another brother who did the same thing known as Gregor Strasser. He is known for creating the ideology of Strasserism which is basically some weird form of socialism but with a mix of nationalism (more worthy of actually being called national socialism).
and specifically which is the subject of some scientific debate (basically the Norwegians and Japanese claim it's incredibly important for science that they kill whales, but nobody else believes them). We have a section on Whaling in Japan (Japan#Whaling) and an article on Whale Wars, but no overview that discusses the science. There is also potential material about whale biology, whale evolution, the keeping of killer whales in parks, conservation, whether whales are more deserving than other animals, and the history of whaling, that may be relevant (see e.g. Oil#Whale oil, and compare Dolphin).
12Joseph EverettCreate draft, known for his YouTube channel What I've Learned, which has nearly 1 million subscribers and over 64 million video views. Has made videos promoting low-carb dieting for general weight loss, statin denialism, antidepressant denialism, and NoFap. However, he has high production values and claims to be pro-science, so perhaps it can be presumed that he's doing this all in good faith? According to Everett: "This is about connecting the dots, making conclusions and weighing that against modern dogma." Seems like the perfect subject for a RationalWiki article.
17Inner Peace MovementCreate draft, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group founded in 1964 with a trademarked name that has been the subject of court disputes. Their professed mission is to "help people clarify their minds and balance their spiritual direction."
Spanish populist far-right party becoming a significant electoral force.
Japanese prime minister/dictator during World War II and notorious war criminal.
28The Atheist DelusionCreate draft is a "response to the famous "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, and the points it makes are very flawed to say the least.
the Hebrew term for money and greed, personified in medieval times as a literal being.
16EssenceOfThoughtCreate draft is a Youtuber who makes videos defending LGBTQ rights, atheism, secular humanism, and abortion.[27][28][29][30]
Is a 2011 indie game with randomly generated dungeons and over 500+ items. I'm suggesting this one because of the game's criticisms of Religion and the Bible and how the entire thing is somehow a controversy magnet that has avoided any actual controversy.
(or platelet-rich plasma facials) are the latest beauty craze, apparently involving having blood removed from your body and injected into your face. They're loved by Goop, but Kim Kardashian's was less successful, and they have been linked to 2 cases of HIV transmission in New Mexico.
a workplace where people are employed for long hours with poor working conditions. This wiki currently only has a brief mention of sweatshops in the Globalization article but there really needs to be an article about sweatshops not just a paragraph.
116FeministWikiEdit draft[31] is a website run by TERFs who, in a manner indistinguishable from that of the editors at Conservapedia, claimed "'RationalWiki' is a whacksite long run by teenage liberals who follow queer theory. (An ideology that supports prostitution and pedophilia because of its obsession with 'breaking taboos.'"[32] FeministWiki has repeatedly been caught promoting conservative Christian front organisations.[33] The person who runs the FeministWiki Twitter account is a self-admitted child molester who was previously suspended from Twitter.[34] All of the information mentioned above warrants a RationalWiki article for this TERF version of Conservapedia.
a right-wing militia group in New Mexico that has been illegally detaining kidnapping immigrants at gunpoint while they are attempting to cross the border. Their felonious leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins was recently arrested by the FBI on firearms charges.[35] There is also an associated Facebook page.[36]
We already have a page about folklore things, like , but seeing that article , I think we can safely assume that their shitty NPOV is also at work here and that they literally believe in ghouls (especially if you look at some of those "experts" that claim to have knowledge about these things...)...
- a Christian Indoctrination program disguised as a children's show.
- which has two complementary aspects. Firstly there is the question of what happened to the mysterious lost colony, with various theories and contested "evidence" including the (now recognised as fakes) and other more recent finds. But there's also the importance of Roanoke (and its newborn inhabitant ) for American ).
and/or - terms used to describe terrorist attacks carried by by an individual but inspired by extremist groups and public figures. It started with Daesh but has horseshoed over to the far right.
a gay French writer who is partially known for his connection to the racist "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory... a theory that helped in motivating the man behind the Christchurch terrorist attacks. His name redirects to an article on the aforementioned great replacement theory, but he should probably have his own article.
: Polish revolutionary socialist who had a large impact on history. She's the most well-known female socialist theorist. I'm surprised there isn't already an article on her.
: prominent German anti-immigrant and anti-muslim author and politician (member of the left-wing SPD), probably best known for his book .
: Thierry Baudet's anti-immigration, anti-multicultural, anti-Islam, and anti-EU party. A draft can be started here.
: A Dutch populist euroskeptic who leads the Forum for Democracy, that recently won the majority vote in the Dutch provincial elections and is expected to win the majority in the Dutch Senate in May. Apparently is liked by the Dutch alt-right.[37] A draft can be started here.
pesticide used to control invasive species in New Zealand and save NZ's native wildlife. Subject of all sorts of ridiculous crazy conspiracy nonsense akin to anti-vaxx nonsense. See and
, the "dog suicide bridge", a bridge in Scotland where lots of dogs reportedly commit suicide by jumping off the side. This has got press attention for a while, with some blaming supernatural influences and others suggesting bizarre canine-psychological factors.
currently has a one-line reference under Sweetener, but probably deserves more due to how common it is in food products currently. A traditional sweetener containing various sweet-tasting extracts that can be extracted easily just by boiling the leaves, stevia is incredibly marketable under the Naturalistic fallacy despite the fact that commercial stevia-based sweeteners are standardised extract concentrations made in labs. There is some fear it causes cancer (it doesn't unless you're eating a terrifying amount of it), some enthusiasm that it can help manage diabetic sugar cravings and people trying to lose weight (which, used sensibly as a substitute for sugar and not as a magical potion, it does), and a few weirdos convinced that it can cure cancer, cure depression, and provide infinite energy to earth from "cold fission".
books by and the films thereof, which have a lot of people trying to guess allegorical meanings (many with RW-relevant themes, from Rosicrucianism to the Gold standard), and inspired a lot of urban legends.
or Hotep movement; a sexist and conspiratorial version of black nationalism, mixed with standard Afrocentric woo about ancient Egypt.
a Fox News host who's spent nearly her entire career in some sort of controversy over one of her rants. A draft has been created at Draft:Jeanine Pirro.
is a movie that somehow managed to attract the outrage of conservatives, MRAs, Gamergaters, and alt-righters who didn't even watch it. (And which, at the same time, Marvel marketed as though it were the first movie to feature a strong female character evar.)
-5Puzzle in a ThunderstormCreate draft, the guys behind three (and a half) rational podcasts including The Scathing Atheist, the Skepticrat, God Awful Movies and half of Citation Needed.
is a 2015 documentary covering the child sex abuses at the Digital Entertainment Network, notable for its troubled production and lack of a theatrical release. Since then, producers Gabe Hoffman and Matt Valentinas have had no contact with director Amy Berg and have been actively tweeting from the film's Twitter account. They have taken a sensationalist approach, frequently tweeting news about pedophiles and "the evil liberal media" protecting them, associating with far-right figures such as Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich, including support for Donald Trump.
is a professional victim[38] and alt-right grifter[39] who rejects indigenous land acknowledgements[40] and sympathizes with white nationalism[41]
10Libb ThimsCreate draft is an engineer from Chicago and creator of eoht.info, an encyclopedia of "human thermodynamics".
Junior senator from Arkansas, possible future President, and a definite scumbag. A draft has been created at here.
: Fundamentalist Christian who opposes same-sex marriage and protested against Muslims. She also claimed that Monster Energy depicts the Number of the Beast.
25Girl DefinedCreate draft, a pair of right-wing evangelical Christian youtubers who make videos marketed heavily towards tween and teen girls.
: 46th president and dictator of Venezuela since 2013.
an American comic book artist known for illustrating and/or drawing covers primarily for DC and Marvel. Van Sciver has recently revealed himself to be an alt-right scumbag by becoming a central figure in the recent Comicsgate campaign, a campaign spearheaded by misogynistic, racist and anti-LGBTQI+ bigots who are butthurt about the idea of members of those communities being fairly and equally represented in the comic book medium. Comicsgate is essentially Gamergate but for comics instead of games, it's a campaign created by and for the Alt-right.
20Debbie HaytonCreate draft a trans woman who seems to spend a good chunk of her time concern trolling and spouting terf-esque arguments online and apparently calls the declaration of trans women being women to be "Orwellian thinking"[42]. Arguably an older, British version of Blaire White.
is a useful idiot who advocates for conversion therapy for transgender children and accuses transgender activism of homophobia.
a fact-checking service recently integrated into Microsoft's Edge browser. While this has provided some hilarity, there are also concerns over whether it's a good idea to integrate this functionality into browsers with the attendant capacity for censorship and privacy violation. There are specific concerns about NewsGuard: its board has links to the CIA and George W. Bush administration, and don't all have a good record when it comes to factual accuracy, and its business model and funding are unclear. But overall: good or bad?
24Kurt SchlichterCreate draft Townhall columnist and general right-wing nut who's notorious for his rabidly pro-Trump stance and... interesting commentary on many issues.
is a Trump supporter who has recently attracted controversy for harassing a Native American Vietnam veteran with the help of his fellow Trump-supporting high school classmates at a March for Life rally. His mother blamed black Muslims for his deplorable behavior.
a British left-wing news blog noted for conspiracy theories (e.g. on the Grenfell Tower fire) and a lot of bias. It's also had issues with press regulators.
17KukuruyoCreate draft is the artist of one of the most infamous pro-Gamergate comic series.
24Zinnia JonesCreate draft is an Orlando trans activist and science writer.
(PRI), an American pro-life organization dedicated to . An offshoot of the pro-life Human Life International (became independent in the 1990s), the PRI has campaigned successfully to withhold funding to organizations such as Planned Parenthood and UNFPA. Also published articles , and . And that's not all.
- not so much the practice as used in conversation by deaf people, as the tendency of the media to get lip-readers to reconstruct private conversations (e.g. ). How accurate is it? Probably not very. There's also a joke/meme of publishing intentionally bad lip readings of political speeches, events, etc, which may or may not be worth covering (probably not, to be honest).
popularly called the Silver Shirts, a 1930s American fascist organisation founded by They were modeled on the Nazis, and were antisemitic and white supremacists. But they also had weird religious beliefs, calling for a theocracy and having links to theosophical groups (many joined the "I AM" Movement or other Great White Brotherhood-related groups).
in British schools (and possibly elsewhere if relevant): for decades, RE has been taught as a subject with a broadly Christian basis in British schools (today a variety of faiths are taught, and there is discussion of wider issues around spirituality and religion, but the focus is still on Christianity), often one of the few or only compulsory subjects children must study. It would be interesting to have a history of the way it has been taught in the various British nations, and arguments for and against it as a subject.
is - according to the Gospels of Matthew & Luke - a story told by Jeebus about how maximising profits was virtuous. For the Christian right the parable serves as an ideological & moral justification for the advancement of right-wing economics (tax cuts for the rich etc.). Could also be a sub-topic under Prosperity gospel.
40 #ThotPatrolCreate draft, also known as "#ThotAudit" is a campaign led by incels trying/threatening to report Snapchat and Instagram cam girls to the IRS.[43] Unsurprisingly, many of the ThotPatrollers are trying to claim that #ThotPatrol is ACKCHYUALLY about ethics in taxation, indicating that the movement is nothing more than a reincarnation of Gamergate.
an increasingly influential and popular socialist magazine, and unofficial publication of the DSA.
is a controversial proposed EU directive best known for two parts of it: Article 11, which grants publishers the rights to usage of their articles et al. by ISSPs and which has been nicknamed a 'link tax', and Article 13, which gives the responsibility of removing copyrighted works to ISSPs and which has received the epithet of a ' and
Maybe not the academic term but the colloquial term of profits before people.
— the international police agency. China possibly forced the former president of Interpol into resigning. Russia almost got its man appointed to be the new head. China, Russia and other states have used Interpol to harass political dissidents contrary to Interpol's rules. The predecessor to Interpol was headed by three different class-A Nazi war criminals.
insane far-right governor-elect of Florida, who bears a striking similarity to Trump.
39Pussy Church of Modern WitchcraftCreate draft, a church run by TERFs.
refers to the difficulty trans people experience when seeking lesbian and gay relationships, and in lesbian and gay social spaces more generally.
: One of the most notable Never Trumpers, and a right-wing hack if there ever was one.
could have its own article or even be a section of the is a similar biped from Indonesia whose fur is orange resembling an orangutan.
: He has 8 years of governing experience and will probably run for President next year, we should document his tenure.
. An observation made by someone from the And according to that post, it would seem that the leader of this "movement", is a guy called David Fura.
: our article on Viktor Orban mentions them a lot and there's certainly a lot to talk about with them.
is a university that has recently been accused of discriminating against Asian-Americans.[44]
33Chepo TeamCreate draft is a propaganda comic written by a fiercely right-wing and pro-Trump author that is about fictional Hispanics who are fiercely conservative and spout the same right-wing rhetoric that Trump and other Republicans do. The author also owns two accounts on facebook which are named after the comic that both use a copy-and-paste message that immediately begins with an appeal to identity (showing no proof that he/she is Hispanic) to make wildly inaccurate claims and generalizations about leftists, along with praising other far-right figures and pro-right meme posting.
Arguably the most popular science fiction program in the world. Numerous scientists have commented on the possibility of the various technologies addressed, though seemingly not hard science advocate Richard Dawkins, despite being married to actress who played Time Lady Romana. It would be worth including a discussion of the actual educational merits of the show which began as a BBC children's program, and whether or not it promotes harmful science woo As of 2018, Doctor Who is now a woman.[45]
is a political movement by the alt-right whose goal is to ‘combat SJW control of popular media’. Given their reminiscence of , and how the group acted as a catalyst in the firing of , then this article should become a priority.
Youtuber who thinks gay marriage shouldn’t be legal until 20 years from now in order to prevent gay people from being murdered for being gay.[46] He has also argued that some good came out of the Holocaust, using the Nazis murdering Anne Frank as an example of said "good".[47] It makes no sense to us either.
This is an organisation led by 9/11 Truther Richard Gage.
is a nonprofit political action committee that seeks to elect scientists in the United States. The mission of 314 Action is to connect people with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math to the skills and funding needed for a successful political campaign.
- the newest fad involving ingesting and brushing your teeth with burnt wood.
- this version of the have argued that opposition to the flag is racist.
22The Party of Reason and ProgressCreate draft (PORP) is an non-profit organization dedicated to promoting reason and empirically sound decision-making in modern politics. Their mission is to implement effective and rational policies through educating the general public and supporting reasonable and logical public officials and initiatives.
40Transgender TrendCreate draft a British anti-Transgender group that wants to circulate anti-trans material in schools.
since we have , and his excuses and lies about the death toll[49] by claiming that democrats are saying it "to make him look bad"[50] along with right-wing media defending him.[51][52][53][54]
29Chanty BinxEdit draft, also known as Big Red, is a Toronto resident who gained notoriety online after appearing in a video in which she aggressively promotes feminism while arguing against men's rights activists at an event in Toronto, Canada. After the video was released, Chanty was subsequently turned into a meme and was given the name "Big Red." Anti-feminists (especially those on YouTube) frequently use her video as an example to "prove" why modern feminism is stupid.
is a man running for US Senate against Elizabeth Warren.[55] He is most notable for falsely claiming to be the “inventor of email”.[56] He also assaulted his girlfriend and tried to stab a police officer with a pen while resisting arrest.[57] And he pretended to be black.[58] Did I mention that he is also an anti-GMO activist who is willing to pay people $10 million if they can prove that GMOs are safe?[59] Unsurprisingly, he is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.[60]
a "syndrome" made up by TERFs to lure in transphobic parents upset that their kids came out trans. Currently a two-sentence redirect, but there's a pile of bad science involved.
incumbent Prime Minister of New Zealand.
/ On the other hand, walking more is probably good for you.
a pro-Jeremy Corbyn British news/campaigning website. It's associated by some with a fake news perspective, pushing endless biased reporting, and also criticised for its sometimes toxic tone (including attacks on the BBC). So is it the left-wing Breitbart or a legitimate news source?
by , a 1976 poem about Jesus having gay sex with a Roman soldier. It was the last work to be subject of a successful blasphemy prosecution in England, brought against Gay News Ltd and editor Denis Lemon. The case was appealed through the full range of appeal courts up to Europe, the conviction being upheld at each stage, Lemon receiving a suspended sentence. There is debate over whether the poem was any good (or was some kind of proto-Chuck Tingle).
is a fictional creature in the vein of Slender Man which people pretend to be, then they contact children and teenagers (typically via WhatsApp) to make them do dangerous things like self-harm, doxxing, and hurting their family members under threat of curses, being attacked by the disturbing-looking creature, etc. It has caused at least one death.
15Peter SageEdit draft is just another snake-oil salesman peddling woo. Apparently "serial-entrepreneur" is the new term for con-artist.
is an effort founded in
: "I'm wondering if Bronze Age PervertCreate draft might deserve an entry? He has gained vast popularity in the alt-right and similar circles lastly. His book has sold very well and he seems to be something of an ideologue for them"
is one of Donald Trump's main trade advisors and largely thought of as a crank in economics. In his own words he "provide[s] the underlying analytics that confirm [Trump's] intuition [on trade]. And his intuition is always right in these matters."
29Dr ShaymEdit draft is a youtuber, antifeminst, and critic of "SJWs." He is quite popular with nearly 450k subcribers.
is a 2018 American biographical drama film directed by Spike Lee. The film is based on the 2014 memoir Black Klansman by Ron Stallworth. Set in 1972 Colorado Springs, the plot follows Stallworth, the first African-American detective to join the Colorado Springs Police Department, who sets out to infiltrate and expose the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. The film uses this historical event to offer a trenchant commentary on current events coinciding with the one year anniversary of Unite the Right and the death of Heather Heyer. The film received acclaim from critics, with many praising the performances and timely themes, as well as noting it as a return to form for Lee.
(vertical take-off and landing) aircraft resembling a The aerodynamic body is axially-symmetric and is obtained by rotating a bidirectional around the axis perpendicular on the middle of the chord line. An ADIFO platform was tested at low speeds in a wind tunnel providing high lift/drag ratio as well as a wide range of useful incidence angles, even over 60 degrees. The aerodynamic center is located near the middle of the chord line near the body gravity center. The aerodynamic load is distributed relatively evenly along the body surface and has no stagnation point. During the body does not generate any shockwave on the surface, and no sonic boom is generated. There are low vibrations, low aerodynamic noise, and low heating at high speeds. In transonic flight the drag is drastically reduced compared to existing airfoils which ensures very high fuel-efficiency at transonic and supersonic speeds. Moreover, the center of pressure remains close to the center of symmetry, meaning no jump of pitching moment, and insignificant roll and yaw moments. Also, there are no lift fluctuations, so in conclusion this will mean a smooth transition from subsonic to supersonic flight!
118Sherry ShrinerCreate draft is the cult leader of a group called Faction Four who believe in alien reptile demons. She was in the news recently because one of her followers shot and killed her boyfriend after a dispute within the cult led to their excommunication.[61][62] Another follower killed herself in 2013 after not receiving treatment for schizophrenia which they do not think exists.[63] Sherry Shriner blames a NATO hit squad for the death. There also is an ED article written up that may have some useful info, but probably needs to be taken with a bit more than a grain of salt.[64]
or Aleshenka / Alyoshenka was a small humanoid body found near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.[65] According to genetic experts at the Moscow Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, DNA analysis of the clothes Alyoshenka was wrapped in revealed evidence that his DNA was of unknown origin. It was also tested for radiation, but did not show high radiation levels.[66][67]
technology that supposedly allows you to create video of anybody saying or doing anything. There's a lot of panic about it, and applications for the technology in So it's relevant both for its potential at spreading misinformation and for the exaggerated moral panic aspects.
Currently a redirect to the 2020 Republican Party presidential nomination article. He's an interesting candidate not only for his (comparatively) progressive views and the mere fact that he's the only candidate running against Trump in the RNC, but he was also previously a member of the Libertarian party and carries some of their support, so I think he deserves his own article.
an American
formerly the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), is a company that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers and operates others on a concession basis. CCA has been the subject of much controversy over the years, mostly related to apparent attempts to save money, such as hiring inadequate staff, extensive lobbying, and lack of proper cooperation with legal entities to avoid repercussions. CCA rebranded as CoreCivic amid the ongoing scrutiny of the private prison industry.
or his There still seems some mystery around the 1968 demonstration, including claims that the explosion was deliberate, either to cover up Papp's deception or to protect the truth of limitless free energy.
We don't have a page about yet. Plus, it's one of the circlejerks from CTers claiming that the , is actually "Gladio B".
also known as BPA. Harmful to developing fetuses? Causing widespread infertility in adults? Or just the latest public health scare?
/ Connected by some with black triangle UFO sightings. Or maybe they don't exist.
a legend about a ship stranded in the Sonoran Desert (or sometimes Mojave Desert), generally said to be in southern California or possibly Mexico. Probably Spanish, maybe pirates, but also claimed to be Viking, or crewed by It's the intersection of several myths: , and entrepreneurs worldwide promoting rumored shipwrecks laden with unimaginable treasure.
the British government's anti-extremism strategy founded under Tony Blair in 2003 but reviewed under David Cameron/Theresa May in 2011 and still active, initially founded primarily to combat radical , and radical environmentalism. There are concerns about freedom of speech.
and two popular smartphone manufacturers from China which made the headlines after being subject to accusations of spying and being a national security threat by the US government. Such claims have in turn been accused of being protectionism masked as security concerns.
specifically changing eye color that some claim correlates with their mood, weather, fatigue, or aging. I've also seen several versions of this really work[68] and could potentially lead some to falsely believe that infidelity has occurred. This could be its own article about eye colors or even just a new section added to the already existing eye article.
a alongside to regulate it, because too much peripheral serotonin can damage the heart.
, another classic example of a and "Redox Signaling Molecules", sometimes even mixing it with real science.[69][70] I found this quote regarding the ingredients: "Recently, a company called ASEA, was able to take sodium, chloride, hydrogen and oxygen (salt water) molecules, separate them and recombine them to form oxidants (free radicals) and reductants (which neutralize oxidants)."[71] They also have a YouTube channel.[72]
the pesticide the scientist who discovered this. He now runs a website:
Currently [see what I did there?] just a redirect to Bitcoin. This should definitely be an article all of its own, between the conspiracy theories about it, the scams, and the miscellaneous other items.
is the awareness and control of physical responses in the body that may be useful for treating stress and anxiety. Articles like brainwave woo link to the biofeedback page (which is currently a fork) and is referenced in many other articles so it is probably a good idea for all those links to go somewhere
if not adequately covered by . Apparently the low-carb diet article has already got from the related communities, so the article should better appeal to the kind of people who'd pursue this stuff.
a History Channel show that claims Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, managed to escape from Berlin to Argentina. And the rest...is pseudohistory.
. Besides trying to build worldwide network of
A somewhat-mysterious phenomenon linked with earthquakes and reportedly sometimes confused for UFOs (see also .
is a non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. To date, the work of the Innocence Project has led to the freeing of 337 wrongfully convicted people, including 20 who spent time on death row.
is a crowdfunded, startup company which is trying to replace all asphalt pavements with solar panels which will power embedded LEDs that will melt snow and light up roads. This idea is entirely, scientifically flawed and unfeasible; Thunderf00t does a good job explaining why this idea isn't even efficient.
or Palcohol is the newest moral panic drug that has been banned in several states and was subject to a moral panic after the FDA determined the non-alcoholic ingredients were safe for consumption. It is mostly an ineffective way to get drunk, but that hasn't stop people from believing it will get you drunk instantly or that it can be used to smuggle alcohol into public places. (Another Thunderf00t video)
is a 1940 American political satire comedy-drama film written, directed, produced, scored by and starring Charlie Chaplin. The film advanced a stirring, controversial condemnation of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, fascism, antisemitism, and Nazi Germany.
is a condition in which a person with a mental disability, such as an autism spectrum disorder, demonstrates profound and prodigious capacities or abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal.
connection (or lack of) to Alzheimer's and other maladies.
? There should be one if only to account for all the idiots whining that they're being just like her by breaking the law to promote their bigotry and stupidity. Would that be called the "Parks Gambit", similar to the Galileo Gambit?
(officially the People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson) was a criminal trial held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in California. The former professional football star and actor O. J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder after the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman, in June 1994. We can write an article discussing the case not just as a cultural phenomenon but also discuss the overwhelming amount of logical fallacies (emotional appeal, Chewbacca defense, prosecutor's fallacy), dishonesty tactics and evidence gathering mistakes that took place during the trial and/or behind the scenes, which all had great impact on law in America. We can also discuss the impact on race relations that took place at the time. Simpson, being an African American, had a strong appeal toward the black community because of his seemingly squeaky clean image, charismatic personality and his rags to riches story with the majority of them believing he was innocent and being persecuted for his race. Because of this, there was a height of fear in Los Angeles of another race riot worse than the 1992 Los Angeles riots if he was prosecuted. Best books to use as research for the article would be Jeffrey Toobin's The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson, and Vincent Bugliosi's Outrage: The Five Reasons O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder.
"I haven't seen anything that the oil doesn't work on." A two-line stub was created and zapped as "so what" in 2013, but this is pretty missional if we can get some substance in.
A lot of crap surrounding the thorium powered reactor in pop sci magazines, a lot of it debunked by thunderf00t.
since it has become an ever growing reality with the passage of the PATRIOT ACT, various NSA programs, FBI biometrics database, the FBI spying on Occupy and BLM, program, Canada's spying bills, etc.
122ExopaediaCreate draft, an encyclopaedia for exoskeletons aliens
is the libertarian's answer to the recent censorship and bannings over at Reddit during the last few months. Instead of being all gestapo about free speech, it just lets people incite racial violence and other lovely things like that. It's home to such lovely rascals like "race realists", proud racists, Islamophobes (especially as of late), Nazis, Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and transphobics among many, many other brands of moron. They did remove the actual child porn. The site itself is fairly alright, but the vocal community is anger-inducing. Have fun frothing from the mouth with rage studying these idiots in their natural habitat.
a beatnik, commie, homosexual, marijuana enthusiast, and an overall very liberal icon. I'm genuinely surprised that he doesn't have a RationalWiki page yet ().
/Hidden Footage? It's a classic method Paranormal believers and conspiracy nuts alike are prone to resorting to as an easy way to fool the more Gullible on the Internet, whether it be a high-budget film or a grainy video inside a Freemason Lodge, and claiming said footage as proof for whatever crank belief/conspiracy they have.
formerly , . Noteworthy because it's soaked up millions in venture capital over a couple of decades for something that literally defies physics. Quantum physics is all wrong, energy from water, guy with an MD came up with it, $100M from investors despite every scientific authority from DoE secretary Nobel Prize winner to American Physics Society spokesman denouncing it, etc. That there is no RationalWiki article about it is less believable. See
a physics-defying startup whose big idea is to transmit power by ultrasonic sound. If you do the numbers you'll see that this would require power levels that would not just deafen everyone in the vicinity, but be such that air starts going nonlinear. , breathless press Any bored physicists in the house?
Author of Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved and godfather of psychedelics. Missional to the degree that he made claims about the effects and usefulness of chemicals outside the pharmaceutical industry and currently accepted medical practice.
No, I'm not talking about the ones from Star Wars, but real life ones, such as bail recovery agents. Learned about this one after watching this episode of John Oliver ()
(NCGS), which is likely to not exist at all and has been used to justify Gluten-free fad diets.
- "Applied Zoopharmacognosy enables self-medicative behaviour in domesticated or captive animals by offering plant extracts that would contain the same, or similar constituents to those found in an animal’s natural environment. The practice encourages and allows an animal to guide its own health, since unlike their wild counterparts, captive and domesticated animals rarely have the opportunity to forage on medical plants. The extracts offered include a variety of essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, macerated oils, tubers, clays, algae, seaweeds and minerals. Once the animal has selected its remedy, it will then guide the session by inhaling it, taking it orally, or by rubbing a part of its body into it." Basically animal abuse with woo. (Quote from .)
Someone made User:Tweenk/Pesticide residue, which is relevant.
Also something that will kill you. (Or save you. )
or The subject of a lot of environmentalist scare stories. But are they justified? What can be done? Are plastic bag taxes and plastic bottle deposit schemes useful or just window dressing?
of the human variety, aka is pretty good, if understated.
We have ePetitions, why not this?
- holy shit, we don't have a page on this?
I keep hearing ads for wallets designed to protect against this. Any legitimacy? (There is a possibility to skim contactless/NFC cards, but you sure as hell don't need to buy a $80 wallet when a fetching does the same job. Feel free to repurpose that blog post. We need a good title for this article.)
a natural childbirth technique.
It's a lobbying group and pro-Israel, so it's basically a giant magnet for conspiracy theories.
), with wooish claims of the magickal powers of far-infrared - the is noticeably lacking in critique. Perhaps the wooish side of infrared in general.
uses electricity in an attempt to treat
an organization dedicated to teaching the ills of pornography as well as treating addiction to porn using all the wrong methods. Full of Mormons and with some direct LDS Church support.
an , then getting , but now basically Spotted on .
135Big OrganicCreate draft, or how the organic food lobby gets its way.
a pundit whose speeches are constantly quote mined for conspiracies.
of child cleanliness and immune systems, e.g. . There's a short section in food allergy.
110Fake conferenceCreate draft or scam conferenceCreate draft - the sort where there's no real scientific conference, just a lot of people's money being taken. Will accept SCIgenned papers.
the fake paper generator used to test scam conferences and predatory journals.
a nurse who was an early pioneer of evidence-based medicine.
- There should really be an article on this IMHO. .
s/ They're as much a magnet for conspiracy whackjobs as the Rothschilds. One story, popular among paranoid anti-feminists, is that they started feminism so that women would eventually be allowed to have jobs and thus be taxable.
- As with the Lusitania, there seems to be conspiracy theories surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, e.g. that it was torpedoed by a U-boat or deliberately sunk for insurance money. (See for one instance.)
(CAN), aka Old Cult Awareness Network (Old CAN), an anti-cult group, and its doppelganger, the (New CAN), a and .)
Because magnets.
is now getting coverage because wingnuts believe Obama the FBI has a double standard for "not treating it as a terrorist act."
or put an area for it in the SOPA article.
or , by .
the Pentagon satellite recently launched by SpaceX. , it seems like . However, that conclusions hurts not only the pride in US military and technology, but also the faith of myriad geeks in SpaceX and , it's working fine because it's stealth and it's actually meant to
— TV star, Trump supporter, and multiple conspiracy theory believer.
- , also have a look at their forum
because people seem to think they are owned by the are twelve step programs for the friends and families of those affected by addiction and are associated with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, respectively.
from Kickstarter to Indiegogo and the even smaller sites. How many quacks gain support and apparent legitimacy for their books or "documentaries" through these means?
An extreme left-wing series of websites with an abysmal fact-checking record and , , and .
future Trump train casualty, arch-conservative wingnut, chicken hawk extraordinaire, deserves to be mocked for a long, long time.
; an article discussing how trophy hunting is being used to provide conservation in Africa by creating economic incentives for conservation over vast areas, including areas which may be unsuitable for alternative wildlife-based land uses such as photographic ecotourism. Arguments for and against should be used.
I hardly think this one merits an explanation.
I think most people will know about this transnational organization, hated by both libertarians for pushing down the throat Keynesian ideas (Keynes had much to see with it in the post-war years) and leftists for the economic policies pushed by them in those countries that received their bailouts (ask Greece even if the European Central Bank and the European Comission pushed the same ideas, as well as some LatAm countries during the '70s) and some of whose presidents have been involved in scandals, even if unrelated to this organization (ask Rodrigo Rato, Strauss-Kahn, or Christine Lagarde)
111HmolpediaCreate draft — Supposedly there is a common trait among people of IQ over 200 (e.g. Goethe: 225), like the writer of this huge site and related tomes, which makes them understand some very complex phenomenon which is called human thermodynamics explaining everything, most importantly love and it relieves them of the pains of using excel spreadsheets to find the best mate out of 19 girlfriends; however Goethe’s testimonial is missing.
, at a rate of ~2 posts a day. Begins with a , and progresses into outright batshit. ""
The central limit theorem states that if you aggregate enough random variables, you find its sum within a normal distribution. According to FiveThirtyEight, the central limit theorem plays a key role in mathematical "proofs" of God's existence.
the process of a sentient species enhancing the intelligence of another species with transhumanist sci-fi technologies. of 's burden to assimilate and upgrade others against their will.
A common police procedure known for being unreliable but also known for having terrible methodology in regards to preventing contamination. An example of this is the police lineup which pressures the witness into picking someone out of the lineup even when the perpetrator isn't present. and the accuracy thereof, especially in law enforcement (e.g. identity parades, picking out mugshots), is an interesting topic that has been widely studied. The failure of people to correctly identify suspects seems to go against common sense, and has relevance to other epistemological questions, as well as to wider issues in the criminal justice system.
physics crank known for his theory the Rope Hypothesis. His talks about his legal troubles, but the woo goes deep here and is very RW. Has followers. Site: Already in the . The Facebook group is remarkable.
by David Reuben - A sex guide from the late 60's which was a best seller in its time (inspired a Woody Allen movie of the same name). Relevant because the original edition portrays homosexuality as a disorder, advocates reparative therapy, somewhat flirts with the whole pink swastika idea, claims that all lesbians are prostitutes, and also recommends a Coca-Cola douche as a contraceptive (you can read about it all in the following ). I don't know too much about the 1999 revised edition, but based on Amazon reviews it's just as bad on the homophobia front.
109Mary Elizabeth CroftCreate draft, author of How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man and her "spiritual economics" (again, please don't touch this unless you have a good understanding of economics and/or (pseudo)law)
with information on their abuse by woo-meisters, libel tourism, and science by lawsuit. Could possibly be merged with SLAPP suit.
- which parts of it are fine and which are not?
We've got pages on Matthew Shepard, Trayvon Martin and Vincent Chin; why not King?
" that blackouts became normal last year and we're going to hell in a handbasket.
Still haven't found the perfect article subject? Don't forget archive 5, archive 4, archive 3, and archive 2!


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